The Milford School District is in a very good place right now: achievement is high, students are finding success after leaving Milford, we are stable financially. But, as always, there are challenges ahead that we must be prepared to meet to ensure we stay in this successful place, as well as continue to grow.

Here are a few of the bigger potential challenges we will face during the next four years:

  1. Master Building Plan: We will be placing a bond issue on the ballot, November 2018 or after, to finish the rest of the Master Plan for the district. This will include replacing the junior high; finishing renovations in the unrenovated portion of the high school; building an auditorium; renovating the football field; and replacing the preschool. The state funds 27% of this building plan, making it very affordable for the Milford community.
  2. Changes from state and federal government: With the current new administration in Washington, D.C. and a new governor in Ohio in 2019, requirements for public schools could change drastically in the next few years. For instance, programs such as charter schools and vouchers could greatly impact how our public schools look. While I believe both charter schools and vouchers have the potential to strengthen public education, they also have the potential to destroy it. I believe school board members and administrators need to make their voices heard as these options and others are explored and discussed.
  3. The future: Public schools began focusing on “21st Century Skills” several years ago, as it became clear that prowess with things like collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking are essential for tomorrow’s workforce. Incorporating these with real-world experiences, and helping our students explore more career options while still young, will support solid choices in the future. Keeping our eyes on where jobs are emerging, and providing curriculum and/or other options for students will establish strong programs to help our students flourish.
  4. New administrative offices: The district is beginning plans to renovate the current Milford Library building, which will become our new administrative office building. Part of this process is to look to other needs, such as spaces for effective professional development, community meetings, and other support opportunities.

Photo by Meg Krsacok, courtesy of the Milford Schools Facebook page