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Hello! Thanks for visiting my site!

I hope to earn your vote this November for my third term as a Milford school board member. As an advocate for public education, it means a great deal to have your trust as I work to help make our Milford Schools the best they can be.

This December finishes my second four-year term on the board – years during which we have seen growth in the district not only in the number of students we serve, but in the efficiency with which we provide programs and services, and most importantly, in the quality of the education our students receive.

My background is in strategic planning and marketing. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with an Honors English degree from the School of Arts and Sciences and a degree in Economics/Multinational Enterprise from The Wharton School, I came to Cincinnati to work for Procter and Gamble. I moved to smaller and smaller companies, eventually opening my own marketing consulting firm, which I ran for 20 years.

But my true passion is public education, and when an opportunity was offered at another local school district, I jumped on the chance to make education not only the focus of most of my volunteer work, but also my vocation. I am now starting my fifth year with the Indian Hill School District as Director of Communications. I also own an online system, MyFear Zapper, which helps children build self-confidence by teaching them how to face and overcome fear.

My past almost-eight years as a member of the Milford school board have been extremely rewarding. Our board and administration are focused on true academic achievement while stretching tax dollars; we have expanded and renovated part of the high school and built two new elementary schools; we have welcomed a new treasurer and now a new superintendent; we are continually honing not only what we do in the classroom, but on the business side of the district to attract and keep top people and implement successful practices; and much more.

In the next four years, our relatively new administrative team will continue to grow and develop, leading the district to even more fruitful endeavors. We will, as always, face new opportunities and challenges from the state and federal government. We are also hoping to pass a bond issue to finish the master building plan (new junior high, finish high school renovations, athletic field renovations, new preschool). I appreciate the opportunity to help navigate these upcoming events by continuing to serve as one of your school board members.



Headshot by Keith Klenowski, Keith Klenowski Photography